Monday, October 24, 2011

going a little nuts....

I am not sure if I have even updated my blog to the plan of arrival of the new kids! And I have no time to even go check... We are on a serious count down! They come on THURSDAY AFTERNOON!!! I have s many projects going it is unreal. We were given two sets of bunk beds.(!?) And We bought 1 set. So we have put together beds and rearranged rooms and oh my gosh we are tired every night. My niece and nephew have been hanging out here to help every day. James rocks at the hard work, heavy lifting and boy motivation. Dan is the super cook and host. Nikki has been so helpful at encouraging me and the kids and keeping us focused without letting me panic.(sometimes) I had to buy a new washer and dryer(the old ones are too small and not so high efficiency). We had to build closet space for 4 boys. It has been nuts. On top of the usual feed us all and keep laundry and dishes going thing. Then of course bathe kids and get them to bed.OH and let's not forget schooling!! I have three new children coming to my house in three days.... AUGH!!!! I keep looking at everything through new eyes and feeling like oh no, what if they HATE this?! What if they HATE US!?? They will hate our rules.... they will hate their new school.... yadda yadda yadda... so, if you have a minute to pray for us, please do. thanks so much.


Sherri said...

it's sounds like it's going to hectic for a short while...lots of new stuff going on and with 3 new children. you are going to be just fine, I can feel it. and of course their not going to hate it, they are going to just simply LOVE you all! I can't wait to see pictures of all of you TOGETHER! We too are now on the count down my friend...we could be seeing or hearing about a referral in give or take 25 days. My heart is pounding away. I am really happy for you and I wish I lived close so that I could help you out, my family is very small compare to

Jean said...

They will not hate you! AND if they do - it will change- they may need time!

I am also not able to get everything ready for our 2 new arrivals but ya know what- you notice everything- they don't!

We can still finish our projects once they are home!

Be peaceful! You are awesome! Remember they will watch you and feed off of you-so if your cool with it they will be too!

Blessing on your journey- this is so awesome!!