Saturday, October 8, 2011

Visit time!

Warning: no pictures! Not yet. Sorry. We just aren't allowed. But that being said, I gotta tell you how amazing this has been! D gave us a card that was heart melting. " hi, I am glad to be adopted. Thank you for choosing me" I went to bed last night feeling such a mix of excitement and sadness. I can't explain it. Knowing that you know that these kids were MEANT to be yours, then seeing the sad faces of their foster siblings as they beg " I wanna go too will you be my mama too?" these kids have been so loved in their foster homes, but they just want forever families. It blesses me that mine will be home soon, but my heart breaks for those I can't take home. I can't even put words to the feelings I have. But dan and I were saying , why aren't more people doing this?!?! Then I will explain the very real flip side. ;-) it was a crazy day!!! We went to a fall festival. D and James threw the football a bit. Olivia and Elijah played life sized chess. Nik and I took the girls and Isaiah to the library and met with another adoptive mom
And one of the foster moms. We took girls to potty. We had lunch. Then we took kids to potty. Then we tried to see a movie ( all the kids were sad about seeing it so we begged a refund and left) then we went on another potty trip. After a long drive into the city, we went to a gorgeous park. ( side note-- when these kids see what our town calls a park they may cry) they played in the sprinkler park part, went to the restroom. Then played mini golfs and rest room AGAIN. Baby girl needing a change of clothes btw. The sprinklers had made her twists come undone and her hair was getting puffy and crazy. I tried retwisting and ended up with crazy poky puffs. Nik worked on it and got that part better, but little sister was using the FINE TOOTHED COMB on the back of her head!!! She had three inches of puffy at the back of her hair! We so messed that up! Lol j was a sweet girl and called me mommy all day long. D held my hand, and a enjoyed being spoiled. Counting 4 boys and four girls everywhere was hard. But watching them buddy up, and seeing ri holding his new baby sister so sweetly... Made my heart happy. I have 4 snuggly girls and4 handsome loving boys. D wants to hold my hand. I gives me the tightest hugs ever . E gives me kisses on the cheek and hugs all day long saying " you just looked like you needed that" and r puts his arm around me as we walked down the city side walk saying " mom it has been a good day". Yep my sweet hearted man- boy. It has.


Sherri said...

Praise God! What a very sweet post and I want to thank you for sharing it. I have happy tears in my eyes for you my friend as my heart melts for you! You have been blessed! And I can't wait for the day you can post those beautiful pictures of your day with your new children. They sound like such sweet children who is loving you for what your doing for them. God Bless you Hezra and thanks for being my friend.

Jean said...

Oh My Hezra- I have wanted to catch up on your posts!
I am so excited for you! What precious dear children.

It is so heartbreaking- where are the other families? So many children need families...

I love all the potty breaks! It seems that each time our new children want to check out all the pottys in the area! I thought it was just china kids BUT turns out it's not!

Thank you for sharing!!

God bless you and your family!!