Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting ready to meet!!

Today we cleaned the van did a million loads of laundry and started our trip prepping! We. Are. So. Excited!! On Friday at 4 Pm we will be meeting our kids! Can't wait to hug them!!!! Our new boy asked the counselor " do you think they will mind us calling them mom and dad right away?" nope buddy-- pretty sure that will be just fine. Little sister here had me a bit worried. She will be the only one " displaced". She has been the baby in our family for six years! Today she told Nikki-- I am getting a little sister! She will share my room and we will play!! Elijah can't WAIT to play ball with the brother almost exactly 1 yr younger than him. Olivia is beside herself with excitement to meet her " twin" ( they are both nine for a month together) she helped decorate their room, sort through tons of clothes, and is ready to pack tonight. Riley seems nervous but excited too. Isaiah asks " when's that new brother coming?" can't wait. Elijah has been singing" we are family! All my brothers sisters and me... Lol love it!


Jo's Corner said...

Hi Hezra! I'll be praying for you ALL as the newbies come Home! I'm so happy for you! My prayers will be specifically for peace in the hearts of all and for wisdom in caring for each and every child in your home. May He pour out His Blessings on your household! ~ jo

Alicia said...

So happy for you my friend! If we ever get together again, that'll be 10 kids! At least now, we have a big enough house to hold us all comfortably! :)

Sherri said...

this post put tears in my eyes, when your new Son, asked if he could call you Mommy and Daddy right away...that's so sweet! I LOVE IT! Can't wait to you are all together at last!