Sunday, August 14, 2011

digital photos...

I gotta say the other day I took about 10 rolls of film and disposable cameras to be developed. I had stuffed them in a drawer hoping not to have to deal with them, then eralized--- OHMYGOSH!!-- those are my kids pictures I NEED them. Eventually they will stop developing film. Better do it now. Well, about 100.00 later, I have photos. Some of them are as old as 5 years ago. I am so embarrassed and frustrated. And though I never would have believed it, I am grateful for digital photos! Thankful for the easier way(and cheaper! I can eliminate half of our shots before buying!!)


Jean said...

Oh Yea- me too!
So thankful- I was developing a million photos before and trying to store them- it was crazy!

I love digital photos!

Sherri said...

I so love my digital camera, it's easy and you can load them when you want and delete to. I print very few out anymore now that walgreens and walmart can print them out for me. I do it on line all the time...and it's cheaper too. Sometimes you can get 50 photos for less then $5.