Monday, August 29, 2011

Chicken news

I know so many people have nothing better to do that to hear my tales... this weekend we had drama for sure. We had 14 chickens originally. One was a confirmed rooster. We had a dog. Well, the dog was given to a farm family. The rooster went to the same family. Apparently those two were my home land security system here, because the first night they were gone, a possum attacked! I heard a strange chicken scream. I said, DAN! There must be something in with the hens in the chicken tractor!! He said, nope, sounds like the kids playing the angry birds game to me. I went around the house, no one was playing a game! I came back to our room, and heard it again. He jumped up and said, "oh, yep! That was a chicken alright!" We went out and there was a possum in the stupid tractor( for those who may not know, the tractor is a small moveable chicken coop. It sits on the ground, and they forage on bugs in the yard!) Dan flung the door open and the possum ran out. I will save you the gory details. I quickly moved the two skittish but surviving hens in the safe house with the rest. Then we poured peroxide on the pour hurt chicken. We thought we patched the coop, and put her in a safer spot. It turns out the darn possum came back and finished her. Poor thing! I felt so bad but I was NOT bringing her in... she was a MESS! So then we hear the rooster died!(at the farm where we sent him) He must have gotten stressed and overheated on the trip. So, our chicken numbers are down to 12. An even dozen. And this week, we began to see eggs! Our first ever and we got 5 this week! I have figured out the sweet ladies a layin' and am so proud of them. Can't wait til I am getting 5 a day!!!!

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