Monday, October 25, 2010

My personal review for Time 4 Learning

I found this website has the potential to be very helpful for instruction and learning; however, some key improvements need to be made before I feel that it would be worth investing time and money into the service. Although, the website has plenty of animation and interaction, some basic design concepts are lacking that are holding the website back:

1. Users need to be able to skip forward and backward during character monologues.
2. Navigation seems confusing.
3. Lessons do not show as completed in some sections and seem inconstant with reports.
4. Upper level user was able to go to playground w/out doing lesson, but is typical for this kid anyway...
5. Children were generally frustrated with navigation. Not sure how to fix this.
6. Children need easy to follow assignment path.
7. Need log-out feature on every page.

Basically, our family found this to be time consuming, somewhat confusing, and a bit frustrating. I do see that it has potential to be a great tool for home educators. I just think it needs a bit more tweaking. I think another great tool for their website would be discounts for multiple kid families.


Jackie said...

I use T4L with my 13 year old daughter and she loves it. Sorry it didn't work for you. By the way, they do offer discounts for multiple children and also for paying quarterly or yearly.

The Source said...

Hezra, my twins didn't like it, either. They griped every time I made them go online...but I think they felt it was keeping them from "real" schoolwork. To those two, if it isn't a book, they aren't doing school.