Friday, June 10, 2011

Keep praying?

We have had no new news yet on the adoption front. We had our updated home study(including the visit). It was insane. Right in the middle of baseball camp(which is that kid's only activity this year), and children/teen theatre. We had two flooring projects and a few other odds and ends house remodeling jobs we were in the middle of that had to be rushed up.(and cleaned up!) It was a mass exodus of clutter.We got it done though and we are just waiting to hear about match ups!!! Please keep praying for the kids God has for us to come quickly! I hate to think they are waiting and we are waiting and paperwork shuffles are keeping it all bogged down. We have had so many episodes of bad news we are ready for some good news!

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Jean said...

Praying for God's hands to be all over this! Praying for the process to be expedited! Praying that your child/ children do not wait too long for their new family!

God Bless You!