Thursday, July 29, 2010

New "do"

Today I did a really silly thing. I deliberately and with appointments, took 5 kids and myself for haircuts! Our sweet ladies(bless their hearts) did two each and really fast. We all got trims, and some even 4 inches off(me Liv and Riley!) but we still have enough hair that it isn't that noticeable. It just looks better. Then the other two boys got the regular little boy short clipper cuts. Moriah, however, has been wanting short hair for a while. We waited, wondering if she really understood how long this would take to grow back out if she did NOT like it. She was adament about it still. So, today, she lost a whole ponytail. We are sending it to the Locks of Love foundation. She was as excited about THAT as the adorable new cut. We did not get a before, but we do have an after. We think our little sweetie looks pretty cute. And she keeps patting her hair and swaying her head. It is very swishy apparently. And it makes her smile.


Shonni said...

Her face shows how proud she is. That is so special that she can be apart of helping others in that way...and she still is adorable!

The Source said...

She looks adorable! How sweet of her to donate in order to help others!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I think it looks precious!!!!!! What a sweet little heart she has:)