Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First sleep-over

My Sweet Niece Audrey came over for her first sleep-over with us. It was for Isaiah's birthday party. We wanted to take her along but her parents needed to be out of town. So Mi Mi kept Baby Henry and we took her. It was a hoot. MY big guys have dubbed her "the informer" one said, " I am going to kick butt on THIS game" she says(always at top volume by the way) "WE DON'T SAY THAT WORD AT MY SCHOOL-- IT IS A BAD WORD" (um, so that means Daddy says it still, right?? lol) and then, " RILEY SAID HATE AND THAT IS A BAD WORD" ( he hates when the game stops like that) and this was all in the car on the way home. The boys promptly hid out in their room playing legos and transformers and probably saying "hate" and "butt" profusely. At one point she heard "stupid" and "shut up" through the door.(which actually ARE bad words here) so she sort of helped me out. Not gonna lie, it was handy.
We ate a bedtime snack and I put the girls in a bubble bath. Three girls in the tub. Yes it was adorable.
Then pajama time. And reading time. And praying time. And kissing time. Then apparently it is singing time. As I kissed her, she started singing "Just a few more weary days and then...." Then Moriah started singing "it's gonna be a good good night"... aren't they sweet?

As you know, we had the bedroom bylaws going here. Well they have a bedroom issue at Audrey's house too. A new baby means mom and dad are sleepy and Audrey climbs right in their bed. Are you seeing where this is going? put one kid who likes getting in mommy's bed, with another kid who likes getting in HER mommy's bed... what do you have??? TWO kids who patter around at night.(and remember one has volume issues-- and we ain't talking hair here!!) So, at 5 am, I hear "AUNT HEZRA I CANNOT FIND MY SOFT BLANKIE!!!" I was lazy, because I had already been up with them once on a potty party.So I say, "look under the bed, I'll bet it fell." I hear thumps as they run away, then thumps as they return. "NOPE, IT WASN'T UNDER THE BED!" "ok, can you talk softer please? Try looking around in the covers." They, thump away. They thump back both yelling "WE FOUND IT!" I knew this would not go well, we would be up for the day at 5 am. So I said, how about you two lie here on my side? so I moved over, they cuddled in, and we got three more hrs of sleep. Which I needed because that was the day of the actual party. Which required xanax and Midol. But I am pretty sure the kids had fun. To be continued for Birthday Bash.


Jean said...

Hezra- that is so cute! I love this post! I love your rules and the fact that they are often broken! You are a great Aunt and Mom!

So glad you got a little extra sleep!

Ruth Branson said...

Boys and their 'potty talk.' I'm not sure why they seem to gravitate to the words they're not supposed to say, but my boy is the same way! I occasionally have to send him to the bathroom to say out loud (in private!) all of the words he seems to need to get out of his system...then he can rejoin the rest of us with his lovely language restored.

Re: rules, like Jean said, I like that you have rules, but are willing to be flexible on them when the occasion warrants it!



The Source said...

Oh my! Those two little faces! They're way too cute for words! Not possible to resist those two, I'm sure.

I have an "Informer" here at my house, too. Well, he used to be...not so much anymore. He LOVED to visit relatives so he could let me know that Aunt So & So lets her kids play "T AND M" video games (teen and mature!!!) and they say SHUT UP and butthead and dork! He's STILL surprised when he hears the way some kids talk, but at 12 he's learned to monitor his own words and ignore what we can't control.