Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am so frustrated!!! I cannot stand the icky consumerism one more minute!! AND it is only DEC 3rd!!! I look at online stores and just think, sheesh, really? Do my kids need that? I get emails, and catalogs daily. FREE SHIPPING! 25% off!! BUY BUY MORE MORE..... your kid NEEDS this. Your home can't be without THIS for the holidays.
GAH!! I can't take it! I want a home for the holidays. A home where there is love, warmth, family and friends. Laughing, eating, and lots of reading and snuggling. I want my kids to see that the REAL meaning of Christmas is Christ. Love, honor, respect,sacrifice... Not getting MORE STUFF!!!!
I waded through the boys' room today. It was a MESS. The only toys they have in there are legos. But there are SO MANY! But what do they want for Christmas? a 3000 piece set of star wars lego STUFF! It is not that I do not wish to bless my kids. It is just that I am tired. Tired of tripping over the same toys. Tired of hearing them say, "do you know what I want for Christmas?", and tired of feeling the pressure to buy at every side.
Maybe my Moriah has it right. She said, "mommy? Here is what I want for Christmas. A toy pony, and for Audrey(my niece) to come over. Something to play with and someone to love. Ahhh... if only everyone on earth could get THAT for Christmas!

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Jean said...

I was just thinking of a post like this and still may do it... I refuse to follow in my (sweet) mom's footsteps of having Christmas be a burden. It should be a joy to all not to everyone BUT the MOM!

It is about the birth of our Savior not stuff. We get stuff when we need stuff.

The end or I'll have nothing to say on my post IF I write it!