Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful thursday

Hmm, but it is really Friday MORNING. I have to say, there are so many things I am thankful for. When I get started I sort of snowball. I had the priviledge this week, to spend a night out with my sweet friend "L". Then my dear friend "I" and her little boy came today. It was chaos and I was so scared she would be scared away for LIFE. But she wasn't!! She asked if she could please come again next week!!(??) God is so merciful.
Then tonight I was swamped in clothes up to my knees sorting winter stuff, give aways, and washing EVERYTHING all five kids own(or so it seemed), my friend "T" said she was mom-napping me away for an hr. "E" and "T" took me to our fav. restaurant for coffee dessert and laughs galore. I am afraid we cleared our section because they were worried about us. We laughed so hard-- I am sure they thought we should be at the bar!
So, I am thankful for girlfriends. The ones who love us and keep us bolstered. The ones who pray for us and stand in the gap when we can barely stand. The ones who can look us in the eye and be honest. My sweet Kirsten,Lesley,Charity,Monique, Ingrid, Teri, Edna, Tammie, Joey and Jenn. Then my online buddies Linn, Jean, Lori, Chelsea and "the source" lol. I cannot begin to tell you how encouraged I am by you!
I am humbled and thankful.
I am so amazed that with 5 kids I have had to buy so few clothes! I have been so blessed with good friends who share. We have a bit of a routine now. A circle of moms who pass the stuff around. I Love that Monique,Kim, Kirsten, Lesley, Charity and I can say "hey do you have the girls sz 5s?? I need those or, I need the boys 10s. . . do you have those or does Lesley??" lol I love that we have dresses that we save and are so special because they have been worn by 5 little girls! I love that my friend Kim has tears in her eyes as she says every season, "thank you for clothing my boy, you have clothed him from the day he was born!" No my sweet sister, God has-- for all of us!I love the familiar scent of my friends when I open a bag of clothes freshly laundered from their home and it doesn't smell like Tide or Downy, but a hug from THEM!! I am so grateful for that.(even though I am knee- deep LITERALLY and have washed about 10 loads today! lol)
I am grateful for my kids, that they are not obligations, but little people. And people that I LIKE to be with!! They are hilarious, smart and so much fun.
I am thankful that my husband is trying so hard to be what God has called him to be. He is an awesome provider and has God's favor.
I am thankful for a home that is big enough for us all plus two more! And that God saw fit to make me a joyful mother of many! I am oh so grateful.
I am grateful for parents that did their very best and against so many odds, taught me compassion, love and mercy.
I am grateful for my sister who(God bless her!!) has "raised" so many of us and loves with such force it can take your breath away!
I am grateful for my younger brother, who shows me more and more every day what it means to love and live so fully and freely. And for the Sister in love who just amazes me with her strength and integrity.(and of course for the niece who is like a bundle of sunshine and the new baby nephew on his way!!!!!)
I am thankful for our childrens' birth mom. She is an awesome woman and loves us so much it amazes me every time I see it in action. There are some who say her job is easy. . . but I know better. It cannot be easy to be selfless enough to give a life to another. I am in awe of her.
God has been so good to me. When I was formed in my mother's womb, HE knew me. He KNEW ME. Called me by name and had good plans for me. I am so grateful that he ransomed me and his lessons of love and faith through adoption journeys. . .are so incredible.
I pray that as I listen to the rain tonight, I can swim in His Goodness. Feel the warmth of His love and spill over onto others. Have I mentioned that I am thankful?? ;-)


Jean said...

Welcome back! You haven't posted for awhile. I hoping and praying all was okay.

Beautiful post! You are a talented writer- I didn't skip a word!

God amazes me- he places just the right people in our lives at just the right time! What a blessing to have friends like you have! Since I am a bit older my peers are back at work, at the gym or having coffee together somewhere. I would be so thrilled if they adopted and we could share this incredible journey. They are missing out on so much. But, this is what makes my bloggy friends even more special! I am thankful for you!!

Enjoy your day!! God Bless You!

LesleyReid said...

sniff Sniff Hez!!! Why don't we live closer to one another sis?
Ah!!! I miss ya wish I could be there to have one of those fun-filled full of laughter kind of girl night out eve.'s :) I can hear us all laughing !!!
HEY!? What size is Olivia and Moriah?? Les

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a beautifully written post. When we were in the states I remember the smell of the hand-me-down clothes we received from my sweet friend. It was like Christmas going through the bag for my girls.

Girlfriends are the best! Have a blessed Sunday.