Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stinky soccer mom

I am not gonna lie. I stink at being a soccer mom. (ok, honestly it was ballet and baseball, but I mean the running mom) I am a STAY AT HOME MOM! I HOME school. I am a keeper at HOME. . . Home executive etc. . . I am NO stinking good at keeping calm and keeping up with kids in public. I have one kid in particular(and I won't name names) who seriously tests every boundary known to man and mom when we step out the door! I keep giving him all the normal scriptures. You know, "even a child is known by his doings(actions)", "a friend loveth at all times", "honor your father and mother and things will go well with you(and you wil live long on the earth). . ." and then it boils down to " the rod and reproof.. ." I keep telling myself, " a child left to himself brings his mother to shame." Because I WANT to have a few minutes when I am not thinking about what he is doing. I sometimes want to just assume, ahh he's okay just sit here and sip tea. HAH! I hate feeling like this but, sheesh itwould be nice to see some fruits of my labor here. Getting a little "weary in the well-doing" Ok, I have put that one to bed and am going to read and snuggle with my girls. Really hating business conferences right now. I called hubby. . . hoping to get a word of encouragement. He said, oh, just sitting here waiting for the banquet to start. Ahhh. . . really. Well, that is AMAZING because I have not "sat" in like two days! Silly boy, doesn't he know not to say that to a wife on the frontlines?


Lori said...

Ok Girlfriend...you totally made me laugh and I can TOTALLY RELATE!! Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one with such issues!

We will be getting extra special crowns in heaven for this mothering thing, right???

Hezra said...

thank you, Lori I needed that. Stars in my crown. . . that's my new "motto-- my creed" lol Hope your night gets better!

Alicia said...

Oh, how I can relate.

The kids are quiet, that means they're doing something nice with each other, right?


Jean said...

I agree- I spent too much time running all over with the older 5 children. This time I am doing it differently with the little girls- we're homeschooling and spending more time at home! No more running around watching the one child in the activity while chasing after the others! I'm bad at it too- I never know where I'm supposed to be from one minute to the next. My 15 yr old will be texting friends asking what field is the practice at and what time are we supposed to be there and this is while I 'm driving- it's crazy!!