Saturday, November 1, 2008

I have a crazy tradition(ok weird thought process), every time I find out about a possible new baby(or kid!). I make a quilt. I was looking for bedding at Ross, Target, and Walmart. AND overstock. Yet couldn't find anything that seemed right(or priced right for FOUR girls!!) I finally looked at fabric and thought. . . hmmmm. I could MAKE them blankets for less and they would be more special. So I found the sheets that were just right and fabric and I will post pictures as I get them. For some reason making a blanket for each kid, is my favorite thing. It means home, snuggles and MOM. Curl up with a good book and just BE at home. My challenge is I don't know the girls' favorite colors or anything. I feel though if God is leading me on in bigger things, He can lead in this too. I just FELT the colors would be great.
I went looking for beds. We have 5 kids now, and adding two more. . . well, I am trying to figure out all the configurations of rooms and beds. I thought, bunk beds for boys? Two more twin beds for girls, get rid of the queen our little girls sleep in. . .etc. So I went to look at the furniture store. They are going out of business. Today was their last day. Everything is rock bottom prices. I saw the sweetest twin headboards and the prettiest daybed ever. All in prices I considered great. But God (ok AND Dan) said no. I will wait and see. I bought copy paper and am ready to fill out the application!!

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LesleyReid said...

Hez, so interesting that you bring up bedding! I too am not happy with the bedding ANYWHERE really. I had the thought of making them blankets- could you please share with me how you begin the process, what you use for backing and your process in making these, I need some guidance and really want them to be a surprise for Cmas :) I will work on them as they are asleep :)
Thanks for sharing- I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!!!